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Leonardo Electronic Almanac Volume 1, No. 4
December 1993
Craig Harris, Executive Editor
Roger Malina, Editor
ISSN #1071-4391


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Reviews & Previews
Report on the Fourth International Symposium on
Electronic Art

Sonya Rapoport's "Sexual Jealousy: The Shadow of Love combines the gamelan-inspired algorithmic multi-channel composition of Michael McNabb with images from Aubrey Beardsley, Indonesian shadow puppets, and Jungian mythological symbols in a computer-assisted interactive installation in which a participant explores sexual jealousy and methods for coming to terms with these feelings. This carefully and artfully constructed "self-help" software package makes the user a protagonist in a 'shadow' play under the user's control, where lessons in coping are taken from soap opera clips. In this way personal emotional subjective states are linked to symbolic psychological representations, which in turn become the components of the narrative of self-discovery and revelation which then controls the generation of music. Interactive multi-media compositions such as "Sexual Jealousy" suggests a new direction for the musical tradition of grand opera, while focusing on the intensely personal.

Greg Garvey