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Professional Software Development by McNabb Software Arts


    Languages:Objective-C, C++, C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, JSON, XML
    Frameworks:Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Core Audio, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Accelerate, StoreKit, AV Foundation, SQLite, AWS, REST, Swing, JDBC, JNA, Android
    Platforms:iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, Linux
    Tools:XCode, IDEA, Eclipse, SVN, Git, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Photoshop
    Specialties:iOS apps, OS X & Java desktop apps, digital audio & MIDI, real-time, UI design, client/server, networking, concurrent programming
  • Creative, resourceful, versatile, self-directing, and efficient.
  • Team, leadership and mentoring experience.
  • Great at collaborating with UX, UI, and back end team members.
  • Team, management and mentoring experience.
  • Strong communication skills. Delivers on time.
Full-time Employment  
Disney Interactive Labs
2013 - Present
Lead Software Engineer
A principal member of the team that developed DisneyLife, a first of its kind digital subscription service (initially UK only) that bundles its animated and live action movies, books, television series and music. Developed several key components of the iOS application including the book reader, music player, and interactive character animations. Also developed an OS X design tool for animated UI experiences.
AquaMinds Software Corp.
2002 - 2011
Co-Founder, Vice President of Technology
Led design, architecture, and development of popular information management and collaboration software suite: NoteTaker™, NoteShare™, and NoteShare Server for OS X; NoteShare Express and NoteShare Server Pro for Windows and Linux; NoteShare Mobile Viewer for iPhone and iPad.
NeXT Computer, Inc.
1990 - 1991
Manager, Sound and Music Software. Managed development of systems software, frameworks, and apps for digital audio recording and playback, compression, editing, synthesis, and multimedia. Led group through several major planning, development, and release cycles. Personally developed major code examples and demo apps. Worked closely with developer marketing to facilitate third-party product development.
Intellicorp, Inc.
1985 - 1988
Applications Knowledge Engineer. Developed expert systems and other AI software in Lisp. Worked with major corporate and government customers to develop AI applications in such fields as automotive manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, and the space station. Designed and implemented a language product for expressing dynamic knowledge dependencies in an expert system.
Intelligenetics, Inc.
1981 - 1985
Manager, Biotechnology Software. Managed group developing software for commercial and academic genetic engineering research. Led complete system reorganization and language port. Created applications for recombinant DNA experiment planning, and DNA and protein sequencing.
Recent and Notable Consulting  
2012 - present
Personal collaboration on iPad app for real-time multi-image photomontage performance. Working with experienced digital artist and senior user experience designer. Cocoa, Core Graphics, and Core Animation frameworks.
Alto Research LLC
Developed Vocolo, a voice-driven real-time musical instrument app for iOS. Integrated custom C++ low-latency pitch-following code with Audio Unit synthesis and processing. Also designed and developed all of the UI. Currently preparing v2.0 for update.
AquaMinds Software Corporation
2011 - present
Ongoing development of all of Aquaminds' OS X, iOS, and Java applications
Mk-Ultra, Inc.
Sole developer of PhysioMD, an iPhone app for the diagnosis of sports-related injuries, with in-app purchase of physiotherapy exercise packs. Optimized for iOS 7 and backed by Amazon SimpleDB.
Story Of Inc
Lead engineer for digital photo album iPad apps Story Of You and Story Of Cuisine. Added printing via partner company using PDF generation on iOS, and REST APIs. Responsible for v2.0 and v2.1 app store updates.
Intel Corporation
2011 - 2012
Custom Android camera functionality.
Joingo LLC
2011 - 2013
Developed and maintained multiple Blackberry Java clients for cloud-based mobile loyalty platform
Cera Technology
2011 - 2012
Java programming including Swing UI and native library access using JNA.
Currenex, FinJazz, & Quilium Developed extensive Java Swing applications and applets for real time currency trading systems.
Staccato Systems Multi-platform audio synthesizer control application using Java RMI and Swing
Oculix, Inc.  Real-time Laser Doppler Velocimetry application for medicine and research. Objective-C, later ported to Java/Swing.
Oracle, Inc.  Java client for CORBA-based interface to Oracle Media Server
Netscape, Inc.  Java programming examples for the Netscape Internet Foundation Classes (the predecessor to Java Swing)
Be, Inc. Multi-threaded parallel-processing real-time digital audio processing demo application in C++ .
Stanford University  Office of Technology Licensing. Developing audio synthesis applications based on patented software algorithms.
Oceania Health Care, Inc.  Implemented audio dictation and transcription objects for NEXTSTEP health care application.
Veteran's Administration R&D Center Developed a prototype real-time guiding system for the visually-impaired using spatial audio cues.
Next Computer, Inc. Designed and developed DSP and Objective-C code for real-time music synthesis and digital audio processing. Coded examples and demos for testing of the Music Kit framework. Developed music composition system in Common LISP.
Reasoning Systems, Inc.  Developed a graphic user interface tool kit product in Common LISP and Common Windows for the Refine CASE system. Developed GUI for a project management system and other software.
Studer Editech  Implemented features and optimizations for digital audio production software in C.
Stanford University, Center for
Computer Research in Music
and Acoustics
Visiting Scholar, NEA Fellow. Composer and contributor to computer music software. Developed a digital audio mixing and processing program, and an extensive software library and compiler for real-time control of the Systems Concepts Digital Synthesizer.
Stanford University Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), Music Composition (focus on computer music)
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
Stanford University Teaching Fellow, Music Composition
Conservatoire Nationale de Paris Class of Betsy Jolas (Contemporary music analysis)
Stanford University Master of Arts (Music Composition)
Stanford University Bachelor of Arts, Honors
Independent Projects (a sampling)  
SoFIE. Society For Impractical Engineering. Meets monthly to collaborate on coding projects that are creative and interesting but have no practical application.
Mars In 3D. Digitally restored 1979 NASA 3D Film of Viking mars lander and orbiter imagery. Composer of half of the soundtrack music. Over 500,000 YouTube views. Published on Blu-ray by AIX Records.
Fantasia and the MIDI Kit. Real-time interactive MIDI performance application, and MIDI development kit for Java. Used for several live performances and installations.
MDIKit (Multiple Document Interface Kit). Java framework for MDI applications based on Java Beans and Bean Contexts.
Personal Interests  
Family, Music composition and performance, astronomy, aviation, downhill skiing, and sailing. Recipient of many music composition awards including those from the Prix Ars Electronica, National Endowment for the Arts (twice), and the International Society of Contemporary Music. Published several CDs and a Blu-ray disc. Technical papers and seminars on computer music topics presented at the Audio Engineering Society conferences, the International Society of Contemporary Music, the International Symposium on Electronic Art, Stanford University, Oberlin College, Yale University, City University of London, and published in books and journals including Leonardo and the Computer Music Journal.
Web: http://www.mcnabb.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmcnabb
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